What is a loose player? These players give the impression that they are throwing money left and right, and thus put pressure on everyone else. This is because they are playing with more hands than would be reasonable. They know that they are often in a disadvantageous position before the flop , so they play aggressively to get everyone else to fold, or put themselves in a big win position when they have a strong hand.

The Positives Of Loose Play

There are two main positives about loose play:

  1. You will accumulate many small pots when everyone else folds

  2. You will earn the glory of the player who never has good cards, and it can be good for you when a really good hand comes up

So Maybe We Should All Play Loose?

The simple answer is no. The danger of loose play is that you are playing lower limit games in which the players will choose to call and the game will go to showdown, in which case it all depends on the strength of your hand. You are also in a weaker position before the flop and you really need to outplay your opponents, which is often difficult.

To make loose play work for you, you need to be very good at reading hands and players. You need to keep track of the right players to bluff, take risks, and create pressure.

When To Play?

If You Want To Play Loose, Keep A Couple Of Things In Mind:

  • You will have a special table image. In certain cases, this can work in your hand if you have good cards available. Keep in mind that players pick up the mood very quickly and will behave more aggressively in the hope of taking you out of the game

  • Position is everything. The move in the latest position is not only possible, but also a privilege and a necessity.

  • Play loose in big pot games . You are more likely to kick players out after the flop if the pot is 30 times the blind in games.

Keep Up

How to play against a loose aggressive player? You can apply a couple of tactics:

  1. Quit the game and don’t mess with him. It’s better to lose your image than a large amount of chips

  2. To answer. If a loose-aggressive player plays big and raises your bets over and over, call his bet to reduce losses

  3. Be even looser. If your opponent is playing a low pot, you can try to get him to play for higher bets. He may not have the heart to compete with you.

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