Before the flop, early position is the seat immediately to the left of the big blind. In large tables, this also includes the next two players. After the flop, this is the first player to move.

It is difficult to play in early position and make the right decisions.

Why? The first move is yours, and there is very little information about the cards. That is why singapore online casino game is often played at random.

How To Play In Early Position?

Simply put – with the best hands.

If you are in early position and go first, you need to act decisively. Play with the best cards and remember the following:

  • Vary your moves with small to medium pairs such as 10-10 and JJ, varying between raise and call

  • Hands with big cards like KQ or J-10 may sound convincing, but be careful nevertheless – they can get you into trouble if you find yourself backed against the wall after the flop

  • Want to make a tricky move? Set traps for other players by re-raising. The ideal games for this maneuver are AA, KK and QQ. This little trick works best at an aggressive table where raises and re-raises are frequent and not arousing suspicion.

Top Tips For Late Position Play

Opportunities spring to hand in small doses from an early position. Small pairs are the easiest hands to play in early position.

Why? Because after the flop, you either have completed your set and are ready to start working on how to milk the most money out of your hand, or your hand has no value and you can retreat at no extra cost

However, be careful. You can still get into trouble at a later stage in the game.

Guessing Game

After the flop, the situation will get worse if you are out of position (your move is not one of the first). Place a bet or skip a move?

  • If you have a decent hand and are playing with multiple opponents, place a bet. This action will help you remove indecisive players from the game, as well as get cards that will help you to make a winning hand.

  • When you are at a table with aggressive players, check-raising is the most appropriate move. This will replenish the bank in case you are confident in the superiority of your cards.

Skip Turn

Having raised a bet before the flop and got the answer to it, skipping a move after the flop (with the intent of a check-raise) can be a good strategy.


Check-Raising Is Worth It If You Have Strong Hands Like:

  • Overpair (pocket pair, which is higher than any combination on the flop)

  • Top pair (a pair that consists of one of your hole cards and the highest card on the flop)

You can also use this technique as a bluff. For example, if you have AK and have not made a pair on the flop. If another player calls you and cards that have not yet been dealt complete your hand, your hand is likely to outperform your opponent’s.

This is good because …

  • You are leading the game! You hold the lead in betting and put pressure on other players in the party.

It might be bad because …

  • You spend more money skipping a move and raising your bets further than placing bets right away as you are trying to improve another player’s situation

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